What can I do with the BOTY Marketing Platform?


If you have a desktop and/or mobile phone with Internet access, you can use BOTY to:


  • Update your establishment profile: Add pictures, describe your location, input your weekly schedule, update your Wifi and more to keep customers and staff up-to-date. 


  • Stay current with analytics: Monitor check ins real-time, see how your establishment ranks against other locations and track other key metrics.


  • Bartender management: Track each of your bartender’s performance to determine if a bartender is being effective at his/her job.


  • Support and retain customers: Set up trivia games, send out push notifications for events and happy hours, and purchase BOTY points to reward your most loyal customers


  • Send out surveys: Select from one of BOTY’s standard survey templates to create surveys that are branded with your brand’s look and feel in just minutes.


Learn how to get started using the BOTY Marketing Platform.