What are the Metrics on the Dashboard?


Using your dashboard


The Dashboard is split up into the following 10 metrics: 

  • Total Check-ins
  • Top Check-ins Per User
  • Times of Check-ins
  • Top User Check-ins
  • Establishment Ratings
  • Favorite Beverages
  • Top Bars by Followers
  • Times at the Bar
  • Total Bartender
  • Active Bartenders. 


Total Check-ins


Total number of check-ins for all time. A check-in identifies a person’s presence at your location. You can see the number of check-ins from all users who have visited your establishment.


Top Check-ins Per User


Displays the top 5 check-ins per follower.


Times of Checkins


View times of check-ins per time slot.


Top User Check-ins


See the top check-ins per follower. This allows you to identify the most active users who have achieved the most check-ins at your location.


Establishment Ratings


Find out how your location is performing with your customers. See the ratings that your customers have left for your establishment.


Favorite Beverages


See the breakdown of favorite beverages by users. Use this information to optimize your beverage offerings at your location.


Top Bars by Followers


View where you rank among other bars by followers and to compare how your bar is performing in comparison to other locations. 


Times at the Bar 


View how long people are staying at your bar over a specific time period of time.


Total Bartenders


The number of bartenders who work for you and have a profile on the BOTY app.


Active Bartenders


The number of active bartenders who work for you. These bartenders are considered as active if they have set their weekly work schedule and check in at least once per week.