How to Add and Transfer BOTY Points?


BOTY Points is a digital currency for the bar. With BOTY Points, you can buy drinks for friends and family, tip the bartender, transfer points to friends, send a gift or split dinner. You can buy points or you can earn them. Refer friends, check in at bars, play trivia, and watch your BOTY Points grow. Once you reach the minimum limit, redeem your BOTY Points easily for cash to your bank account!


Add and Transfer BOTY Points


To add points to your BOTY account, do the following:

    1. Click on Menu in the upper left hand corner
    2. Click on the dollar sign ($) to the right of your profile name
    3. Click on the mobile phone to verify your phone number*
    4. Click on Add BOTY Points
    5. Select the amount of points you want to add and click Checkout
    6. Click Add New Card to add a card and then click Done
    7. Select if the transaction type is Public or Private
    8. Indicate the reason for the transfer
    9. Enter the number of BOTY Points
    10. Select the recipient to receive the BOTY Points
    11. Click Transfer in the lower right hand corner

*Important Note: The recipient must be a follower or you must be following. And you need to verify your phone mobile phone number before you can transfer BOTY Points to any user.


Once the user receives the BOTY Points, they can use them immediately. 


There are a few things to know about adding and transferring BOTY Points:

  • All transfers are instant. There is no way to stop a transfer of BOTY Points once you initiate it. 
  • Transfers can not be reversed. If the user wants to return BOTY Points to you, they have to make a new Transfer transaction.
  • Private transactions are hidden. If the transaction type is set to Private, the points transferred will not appear in the recipient’s balance on their public Profile.