How to Add Drink Recipes as a Bartender?


Bartenders can add new drink recipes in BOTY by uploading the drink recipes directly to the platform. To add a new drink recipe:


  1. Click on Menu in the upper left hand corner
  2. Click Choose File and upload your Image
  3. Enter the name of the drink
  4. Enter the name of the Ingredient and input the Quantity
  5. Click the + sign and add additional ingredients until you’ve added all the ingredients
  6. Write in the directions for preparing the drink step by step
  7. Click Add Recipe


There are a few things to know about drink recipes: 

  • When you add drink recipes into BOTY, they will be automatically shared with all of your followers.
  • When you choose a photo to upload of your drink recipe, make sure that the drink in the photo was made using only the exact ingredients mentioned in the drink recipe. Make note of any garnishes or condiments that appear in the photo in your recipe’s ingredients to avoid confusion.
  • Make sure to test your recipe first to ensure that there are no errors in preparing the drink recipe if the recipe’s instructions are carefully followed.