What are the Bartender Ratings?


Bartenders are rated 0 – 5 on 5 key performance indicators with 5 being best and 0 being worst. The average score is calculated and the results show on the bartender’s profile. 


Bartenders are rated on:


  • Personality. How well did the bartender communicate with the customer? Bartenders that rank highly respond quickly and reliably to customers needs and questions. They also effectively communicate wait times and menu changes.


  • Appearance. Did the bartender smile and display good body language when they greeted the customer? Did the customer feel that the bar area was clean and tidy?


  • Speed and Accuracy. How quickly and how accurately did the bartender prepare the customers order? For example, customers will be able to rate if their drink order matches the order placed in a timely manner.


  • Service. How smoothly did the initial interaction go? Did the bartender introduce himself and inform customers of drink specials?


  • Mixology. Did the customer feel that the bartender was knowledgeable about drink options? And the drink the bartender provided was up to the standards of your establishment?


There are a few things to know about bartender ratings:


  • When you click on the rating score on the bartender’s profile in the BOTY mobile application, it shows the number of people who rated the bartender. 
  • Users can change their ratings and the score is updated real-time.