I can’t log into the trivia game


BOTY Trivia is everything awesome about trivia. It’s super easy to participate and win prizes and so much fun! You can win rewards for participating, including BOTY Points and special prizes from different bars and restaurants.


Make sure you check in the establishment where the game is being played


To Check-In:


  1. Login to the BOTY mobile application
  2. Click Check-In in the lower right hand corner
  3. Click on the Establishment*  where the game is being played
  4. Select Play Trivia from the reasons why you are here
  5. Upload a photo or video (optional)
  6. Write what you are doing (optional)
  7. Tag any followers on your BOTY profile who are checking in with you 
  8. Click Check-In
  9. Click on Menu in the upper left hand corner in the upper left hand corner
  10. Click Search
  11. Write in the establishment name
  12. Click on the Establishment
  13. Click on the trophy icon located at the bottom center
  14. Enroll in the game and wait for alert to get started


I still can’t join the game


Send an email to help@botyapp.com and we will work quickly to try to get you to join the game.